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The Family that Finds Us (2024)

Phee hides her secrets well, until they become too much to bear. Her biggest secret is one she’s kept even from herself. Her longest-kept secret is one that hurts her every day. Her final secret is one that will set her free.

In a school that doesn’t accept them, Phee, Theo, and Alex fight for a community close to their hearts. The community desperately needs the trio to help the rest of them leave the shadows without fear of violence and discrimination. Through some heroic activism, the three push the school officials to their limits — forcing them to act — for better or worse.

For Phee, the fight for a place where she can be herself doesn’t stop when she gets home. The strain of taking care of her alcoholic and abusive mother threatens to break Phee away from her family bond forever. Her mother can go from a messy drunk to an angry one in an instant, turning Phee’s home life from an obligation to a war zone.

Theo’s house offers respite to Phee. With compassion scarce in her life, Alex and Theo are Phee’s light in the dark. They protect and cherish her. At Theo’s, Phee is free to be herself and explore her identity safely — her chosen family ready to catch her if she falls. That’s what family does, how family finds us when we feel lost and alone.

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Phoenix Blackwood

Author of queer tales

Your book is so relatable. I love that it doesn't flinch. I love how you lean in and tell the whole story. It is so true to my lived experience as a foster child. I know these characters. I know these experiences. "The Secrets that Kill Us" is fantastically well written.

- Kisstopher Musick, Cinnabar Moth Publishing

Praise & Reviews

Wow. What a book. It is truthful, and raw and just beautiful. This book is about overcoming trauma, learning secrets and lies and being there for one another. This book has hard truths about what the world is like for a young girl in a queer relationship with a mother who isn't accepting of anything that isn't hetero.

- Goodreads Review

Oh my goodness this book was so good and so much more than I expected. The Secrets That Kill Us is heavy, emotional, and heartbreaking. It grabbed my heart from the beginning and never let go keeping me fully immersed in the story.

- Amazon Review

About Phoenix Blackwood

Born and raised in New England, Phoenix has always been a creative – whether it’s painting or writing. From a very young age, Phoenix has envisioned and created characters, writing them into existence and exploring them through visual arts.

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